M.o.M @ NaG

Last Show @ NaG <<<here.


M.o.M @ Women In SL....

Listen & be the mayheM....

:) Incoming !!!!!

the more x's you give the bigger the o's you get :)

M.o.M @ Tree of Lovers.....

enjoy the music !!! Peace & Love to Lisa Brune and Jack4!!!


and everyone who attended you were all so awesome!!!



MommaLuv is officially 45!!! woot! 5 more years to go...

Mommaluv is almost a quarter of a century!

Hermosa! A&M MoCap EVent!!!

M.o.M <3's dance & art!!!

Happy Monday!!!

New web site design & Brews & blues upload- xo


Alright Mayhem Luv Makers!!!

Wonderful news! Our great friend, Ormand Lionheart was the winner @ POP ART LABS GIANA PROJECT VIDEO CONTEST!!!! simple awesome! A well desereved feat too! CONGRATS!!!!

Winning video here:


A little about the band represented here:



and more:


and even more!


Thank-you to everyone who made this such a sucess for Ormand and Thank-you to Claus Uriza and Persia Bravin, Treet.Tv, and special thanks to Giana Factory! you guys Rock!

Luvs from Momma xo

Feb & March Mewz....

deb.jpg  A great loss to Second Life art community: R.i.P Sabrinaa Nightfire -xo

!!!JuLy Mayhem!!!

Ola!!! & Welcome!!!


Nice month for myself...Did the 7th SecondLife Birthday Bash and want to thank all those who showed Support!!!


 SecondLiFe 7th Birthday Bash



And Nice interview @ Cisum Webzine:



MommaLuv SKyTower @ Cisum Webzine 

LuvShack Stage Redesigned!


Hello LuvLies!


MommaLuv has redesigned her performance area...Within the next few weeks some new things will be taking place. Sooo.... if you would like to perform or know someone who would....make sure to drop a notecard inworld to Debutante Rhapsody.


Feel free to stop by & visit!


Luvz from Momma!

Momma@PopArtLab with Treet Tv

Alright! The time has arrived for MommaLuv Skytower’s debut into the Secondlife music scene. If you don’t already know, MommaLuv is a real world artist & performer aka iNFaRedHaze, who has brought her talents inword to share with SecondLife.

On Decemeber 7th – 5PM EST, 2PM SLT, and wherever else you may be, Momma will be making her grand debut as an avatar- performing her first official virtual show on SecondLife, which is being sponsored by PopArtLab and TreetTv.



You will be able to see the show live here, should you not be a SecondLife resident: 







This is going to be a spectacular event as there will be dancers, models, incredible stage design & a few surprises! All due the great efforts of Claus Uriza, owner of PopArtLab & his lovely host, Persia Bravin, assisted by their amazing design & production teams. Claus Uriza also runs the programme POP VOX, which is targeted towards Real Life musicians enabling them to launch a career in SecondLife. It is a program partnershipped with TreetTv, by which can be delivered via TreetTv for recording and distribution.  Not to mention, the global connection,  as all involved reside in various countries, such as Denmark, Canada, Usa, Brazil, Germany, Poland, and Italy to name a few. Not something possible several years ago for non-corporate entertainers. And the platform the internet now gives to independent artists to thrive & survive without major media moguls is unstoppable. Very interesting to see where this evolution revolution will go!

With that being said, Momma expresses much gratitude to the SecondLife community, PopArtLab, TreetTv, Trax, DeepskyTravelers, FuzonAcid Productions, Mirrorworld, IRMG Radio, MidnightPoets, CasaEden Poetry Group, Moolto, Oi Magazine, OD designs, Devshack, DEVADesign, NaneEstates, Guitarman Flannigan, Dj Nura, ReverbNation and many others who contributed to Momma’z transition from human to avatar. Making it almost effortless…almost. ;)


Momma’z real life appreciation also goes to all her friends & collab buddies on Acidplanet and CCMixter, without them, Momma would have not discovered all the possibilities due to the evolution of the internet. Much Love & thanks for contributions to those from Raf!Productions, Moe Train, Independent Music Conference, Facebook, Myspace, Hostbaby, Bandzoogle, CdBaby, I-tunes, IAC Music,  Dj Robby Tronco, the guys at Ovum Records, and The Studio, and Gyro International, along with her many other friends and fans, who contributed to the many twists & turns of her journey. But! most of all to her mother, whom without none of this would have been possible, hence MommaLuv!!!PRODUCTIONS was born.


Everyone has been a great inspiration for her & she hopes many of you will be able to join in on this grand journey. It has been a year in the making and the day of resolute is quickly approaching- Don’t miss this event! Mark you calendars!!!! December 7th!


In the meantime, Celebrate your Color! Hear Your Calling!


Luvz from Momma!


For more details go here:










entre vous!


Follow Momma On Twitter 

Follow  Momma on ReverbNation










Steaming Hot Show!!!


Steaming Hot Show hosted by Sabrinaa Nightfire was a great success...70 avi's in attendance.

Vids done by some attendees:


  • Thank-you so much Soma Mai!!! xoxo.

MommaLuv Skytower from an opening party for Steaming Hot! from Lennart Nilsson on Vimeo.


  • Thank-you as well Apmel Ibbetson!!! Luvz!

A Thank-you 2 PoArtLab & TreetTv & Attendees...

MommaLuv Skytower expresses much gratitude for all those involved that made her debut a nice comfortable success.


She sends lots of hugs & kisses to Persia Bravin, Claus Uriza, Yxes Delacroix, Debutante Rhapsody, Pyper Dollinger, Sabrina Nightfire, Speedmaster Bing, Ormand Lionheart, & bridgetMarlane McDonnell and those who helped them make this a very special event.


STay TUned for more events and make sure to visit her 3D virtual prose exhibit @ LuvShack Stage. WIll be on Display until January 8th, 2010.


LuvZ from Momma!



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